Buttercreek Development

36” main line running from the end of the CID canal to a farm approximately 44,655ft in length not including the on-farm portions. The on-farm portion consisted of the instillation of 16 pivots and booster station. The Canal pump station consists of (5) 4 stage vertical turban pumps capacity of a combined 22,500 GMP. The on-farm booster station is capable of pumping lifting the system pressure by 64 PSI.  The pipe line also crosses a State Highway a Creek, a inter country high pressure gas line several county and rural roads. Wayne Downey as Project manager Josh Rowell as Construction Manager, together with IRZ Engineers were responsible for managing all aspects of construction, which consisted of overseeing three construction contractors, ensuring timely procurement, and staging of materials and equipment, ensuring the quality of the work, and ensuring that the work scheduled was completed in time to deliver water for the growing seasons.